Trying to create a new habit

I’m old-fashioned when it comes to my work. I like to see it in print in a decent newspaper with a good budget, and be paid for my work. So I’ve never managed to develop a love of blogging, as is clear from the less-than-one-blog-a-year ratio on this site.

I’m planning to change all that and use this blog to tell anyone who might be interested about how the stories I’ve worked on have reached the pages of a newspaper or magazine, and to give a little more detail on certain stories.

I’m also thinking seriously about using this blog to bring out some of the great stories I don’t get into print, usually because lawyers and editors tend to opt for a quiet life.

My wife might be nervous if she reads this post, but I suppose I need to find a way to say enough about the stories I have in mind to make them worthwhile and interesting to readers and not be sued. It might be a challenge, and I welcome any thoughts, even advice, from journalist friends.